Today's Discount Oil Prices:150+ Gal: $2.099100-140 Gal: $2.199

NEW! Budget Cap Plan with PromptPay

Lock in a maximum price per gallon and protect your wallet from oil price spikes!

Niccoli Oil & Energy’s Price Cap Budget Plan with PromptPay is a new program that allows you to lock in a maximum price per gallon for your heating oil.  For a low price protection fee, your price per gallon will never go above your cap price!!

Even better, should the Niccoli Oil & Energy posted Discount Price drop below your Budget Cap price on the day of your delivery, you’ll pay the lower price! 

Also, Niccoli Oil & Energy’s Budget Cap Plan offers a fixed monthly payment over an eleven month period that can be automatically billed to your credit or debit card.

If you’d like to protect your wallet against winter price spikes and lock in a maximum price, call Niccoli Oil & Energy today at (508) 588-0979, or reach us through our contact page.