Pricing & Programs


Retail Market Price

The retail market price is the current price of fuel at the time of your delivery. Retail prices fluctuate based on current market conditions. Your delivery will be billed at the current retail market price unless you choose another type of payment plan. A per gallon discount is given for orders of 150 gallons or more.


Price Cap Assurance Plan

Price Cap Assurance Plans are intended to protect you from the threat of high fuel prices throughout the season. If at the time, the retail market price of your delivery is higher than your “Cap Price”, you will only pay your cap price. Even better, if the market rate is lower than your “cap price” you will be charged the lower price.


Prebuy Fixed Rate

Make one upfront payment for a specified number of gallons prior to the heating season to lock your oil price for the season. This price will not fluctuate, regardless of whether the retail market price is higher or lower. This offer is not guaranteed and depends on current market conditions.

ComfortPay Budget Plan

Our ComfortPay Plan relieves some of the pressure of high winter heating costs. It’s simple! Niccoli Energy estimates your expected fuel consumption and we spread the payments for those deliveries over an 11 month period. This plan is also combined with the above “Price Cap Assurance Plan” to ensure your price per gallon does not exceed your cap price. Entry dates for these plans are between 6/15 and 8/15. If you’d like to learn more about our ComfortPay Budget Plan, call us today at (508) 588-0979, or reach us through our contact page.


Automatic Deliveries

Niccoli Energy uses sophisticated technology to track your fuel usage and weather patterns to predict your next delivery. You will NEVER be charged extra for choosing automatic delivery, there will be no need to worry about running out of fuel, and you won’t have to check your tank gauge every week during the winter months. Let Niccoli Energy worry about all of this, at no extra charge to you!

Refer a Friend

Tell your friends about us and you could earn a $15 discount on your next delivery or service charge! To qualify, your friend or family member must place their first order and let our Customer Service Associate know that YOU referred them!


Are you in need of assistance?

If you are having a difficult time paying for fuel this season, there are several assistance programs available to help. The Department of Housing and Community Development provides a list of these agencies on their site. Click here to learn more about fuel assistance and other types of assistance in your area.

**The volatility in energy pricing has caused prices to rise and fall quickly over the past several years making it difficult to budget your energy costs. Niccoli Energy is here to help you plan for these price swings through our different programs.

The enrollment period for price cap plans and the ComfortPay Budget Plan is between June 1st and September 30th. These offerings are subject to change depending on market conditions. Plans are on a first come first served basis.

For more information on our plans, please contact a Customer Care Associate at 508-588-0979.



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Fred Lewis

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Edward Shore

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