Today's Discount Oil Prices:150+ Gal: $4.399100-140 Gal: $4.499

Pricing and Programs

Automatic Deliveries

Niccoli Oil & Energy offers automatic delivery service to all customers at no added cost. We want to make your life easier! By using an advanced computer algorithm, we know how much oil is in your tank and when you are in need of a delivery. Homeowners no longer have to keep an eye on the tank. Our software determines when the next delivery should be made and we make the delivery accordingly. Also, we have our own bulk storage facility on site which guarantees an uninterrupted supply of heating oil throughout the year.

NEW! ComfortPay Plan

Niccoli Oil & Energy’s ComfortPay Plan is a program that allows you to lock in a maximum price per gallon for the winter season’s heating oil and have a fixed monthly payment all in one — even if the daily price goes higher! Read more about our new Budget Cap Plan here.

Will Call

Our customers also have the option of choosing “Will Call” which means that they call when in need of a delivery. These orders can be placed online through our “Ignite Web” portal or you can call and speak with one of our representatives.

Fuel Assistance

Niccoli Oil & Energy has been delivering fuel for many different fuel assistance programs for many years. The various assistance programs available are: